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Find your Textbooks

Textbooks Online : 08/05/08Find your textbooks using online search. Simply enter your courses and you'll get custom textbook list including all your options and prices, from new to used to digital.  We can also have them shipped directly to your door and spare you those nasty line-ups.


SUMMER 2014 now available.

Textbook Buyback

Sell your textbooks, get some coin - buying used texts starting Dec 1starts again April 7, 2014

Monday - Friday   9am - 4pm
Saturdays           11am - 4pm

Check online for current prices.

By selling your books back to the UVic Bookstore you're not only getting money back, you're also recycling them so there's more used books for students next term! Check online before you come to the Bookstore or download an app - check out the Apple App Store or Android Store using" UVIC" and "buyback".

You can also use our Used Book Classifieds to buy and sell books privately between students.

Textbook Buying Survival Guide

We understand that buying textbooks is never going to be the most pleasant experience of your university career. But we do try to make it as painless as possible?which is one reason we?ve put together our Textbook Buying Survival Guide.

How to save money

Buy used: a used textbook saves you 25% off the new price?and you pay no GST! Hunt for the yellow ?Used? sticker on the spine of books. But don?t leave it too late?there?s a limited quantity. Used textbooks are located on the same shelf as new ones - look for the yellow sticker on the binding.

Sell them back: at the end of term, check the online buyback list to see which of your texts are going to be used next term and you can sell back to us. You can get up to 50% of the original new price back.

Try out a rental: for more information about rental textbooks check out our FAQ's. After you've checked out the FAQ and what to try a rental then go to Find your Textbooks and have your credit card handy to checkout.

How to save time

Try out our new Pay n' Pickup Service: Pick-up option now available! If you choose “Pick-up” as your shipping option while shopping online from December 1 - 20 your order will be available for pick-up on the lower level (in the Textbook Department) between January 2 - 7, 2014.

If you live in Greater Victoria believe or not it is faster to come to the bookstore and shop in person rather than using our online shipping option, we have added the Pay n Pick Up service but you have to shop early to take advantage of that.

Create a custom booklist before you come to the bookstore.  It makes finding your texts so much quicker and easier.

Shop early or late in day. We can’t stress this enough: in January, it’s a zoo here between 10am and 4pm.  With our new cash space, our line-ups are considerably shorter, in September our longest line-up took 8 minutes! But if you come here at 8:30am or 4pm, it’s a lot quieter and you can get your books even quicker.  During our busiest times we do offer extended hours.You can avoid line-ups and get your pick of cheaper used texts.

Get cheques pre-approved at Info Desk. Cheques are great, but they need to be pre-approved. Please note that we can only pre-approve your own cheque; third-parties (such as your parents) should consider a Gift Card instead.

Load up a Gift Card. Someone else helping out with your expenses? Get them to put the cash on a Gift Card for you to use by calling 250.721.8311. Please allow us half a day and we’ll have it ready and waiting for you here at the Info Desk.

How to avoid hassles down the road

Returns: we can only accept textbook returns if the following conditions are met.

  • Books must be in mint condition.
  • You must bring the original sales receipt.
  • Refund must be on same card as original purchase.
  • Must be before the deadline.

Please review our full returns policy here.