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Funded / Sponsored Students FAQ

Who do I talk to at the UVic Bookstore about my account?

Please go to the Information Desk, just inside the front entrance of the Bookstore and ask for Andrea Chan.

Or, contact her at:
phone: 250.472.4592
fax: 250.721.8553

Who initiates the setting up of my account at the Bookstore?

Your sponsor, such as:
• Aboriginal Bands
• Provincial Government
• Life Assurance companies

Please note that the University of Victoria Accounting Service is not responsible for this.


What is required to set up my account?

Your sponsor will send a signed sponsorship document to Andrea Chan stating:
' your name and student number.
' the amount of money you’re entitled to
' an expiry date for the sponsorship (ie…each term)
' any purchasing limitations (ie…textbooks only)

Please ask your sponsor to send an updated letter to us, should any of the above details change (ie…increased sponsorship)

Once my account is established, how do I actually make my purchase?

Simply come to the Bookstore and let the Information Desk know that you are a sponsored student.  You will receive a form that you give to the cashiers when you make your purchase.

What if I am a Distance Education Student?

Please fax your sponsorship documents with your course material order to 250.472.4588.  Your materials will be shipped to you, and an invoice requesting payment will be mailed to your sponsor.