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Copyright Information

The university's license with Access Copyright expires August 31, 2012. After that time, there will be changes to the submission requirements for coursepacks. The following guidelines apply to the Summer 2012 and Fall 2012 terms ONLY. Further updates will be posted regarding any changes in submission requirements for the January 2013 term.

Copyright Limits

Criteria for submitting content:

  • Up to one chapter/article or 20% of a book can be used.
  • 100% of an out-of-print book (as verified by the Coursepack Coordinator)
  • All graphics (e.g., images, photographs, graphs, tables, figures, cartoons, etc.) included in professor-authored texts need to be cleared for permissions.
  • Words and images posted on the internet are copyrighted and must be cleared for use in coursepacks.
    • Please provide sufficient information so that the copyright owner can be contacted.
    • If permissions are not granted or copyright owner cannot be located, the material will be excluded from the coursepack.
  • Previous coursepack submissions do not imply future permissions.
  • For additional information on copyright at UVic, please consult the UVic Copyright Office.

We appreciate your patience and will continue to update you as we go forward. For the January 2013 term, please expect some procedural changes. For further information before our next update, please contact the Coursepack Coordinator.

To cite your material: