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Used Books & Coursepacks

Used Books

Used books are 75% of the current new book price and are tax exempt. Used books are located with new textbooks. A used book is clearly marked with a USED or RECYCLED sticker on the spine. Each book is also clearly stamped USED on the inside of the book. The majority of our used books are obtained from our own students (see Buyback Info for information about selling used books back to the Bookstore).

Used Book Classifieds

Textbook ClassifiedsSell your books to other students in our Used Book Classifieds.


CoursepacksCoursepacks are anthologies of various materials, such as journal articles, chapters from books and the professor's own work, submitted by the faculty to the Bookstore to produce and publish.

The Bookstore obtains copyright clearance from the copyright holder (author, publisher etc) to reproduce and sell all material. It is the responsibility of the Bookstore to monitor all sales and report the sales to the copyright holder and forward payment of copyright fees three times a year.

The Bookstore produces only a percentage of the class enrollment to avoid overstock (and a ton of wasted paper) of unwanted coursepacks. If a coursepack sells out, we provide raincheck forms, which can be found on the shelves or at the Textbook Information Counter. Once you have filled out the raincheck form and paid for your coursepack, the Bookstore will have a copy ready for you within 48 hours. We will call or email you when it is ready and it will be held for you at the Textbook Information Counter. You must bring your copy of the raincheck form with you when picking up your material.

CoursepackIf you are not on campus, you may order your coursepack online and we will ship it to you. Shipping charges will apply.

For further information please contact the Coursepack Coordinator at (250) 472-4589.