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Coursepack Information

Coursepacks are anthologies of various materials, such as journal articles, chapters from books and the professor's own work, submitted by the faculty to the Bookstore for distribution. The Bookstore coordinates with the Copyright Office to obtain permission for students to access the material, which is then produced and distributed either digitally or in print form by the Bookstore.

For further copyright information please see the Copyright Office Coursepack website*

PLEASE NOTE: Due to UVic copyright guidelines, course packs cannot be placed on Course Reserve.

Submission Deadlines *

Next deadline:Two months before the start of the course
  • Fall terms - July 1
  • Spring (January) terms - November 1
  • Summer terms - All content must be received by the Bookstore two months before the start date of the course. For example, the deadline for May courses is March 1

PLEASE NOTE: In order to be considered and received, both an adoption form and a list of included materials are required as part of the timely submission. Due to the time required to obtain copyright permissions, coursepacks received after this date may not be ready for the first week of classes, but will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit the following:

  • One legible copy of each item to be included. If you are reusing material from a coursepack produced after the summer of 2004 you don?t need to resubmit the originals! These documents are stored in a digital database.
  • Complete bibliographic details. Please use the Departmental License Logging Tool for this purpose. Email this log to the Coursepack Coordinator where it will be tagged to your adoption.
  • A short note of permission from the author of any unpublished work.
  • A completed adoption form - Online Adoption Form. Please indicate if you wish to use a coursepack you have used before (eg. “same as F11”) and the number of desk copies required in the "Notes" field.
  • Please adhere to copyright limits.  They are a legal requirement and are not flexible. Over-limit and incomplete items will be removed, and will result in unnecessary production delays. If you are unsure about the compilation of your material, or would like advice on creating it, please call us, or see our detailed information online.

Distribution Options

  • Print coursepacks are spiral bound and double sided. If you would prefer yours to be three-hole punched or single sided please let us know. As of April 2008, coursepacks will no longer be shrink wrapped.
  • Digital coursepacks are now available. If you would prefer the digital option, please contact Danice Szabo.
  • Your originals will be returned to you. One complimentary desk copy will be included with print orders. If you require additional desk copies for teaching assistants please let us know at the time of submission. After the order has been printed additional copies must be purchased.
  • *Due to UVic copyright guidelines, course packs cannot be placed on Course Reserve.