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Bookstore Return Policy


We understand that sometimes you need to return a textbook. To avoid disappointment, we want to make you aware of our returns policy.

Returns must be:

  • Accompanied by original receipt.
  • Refunded on the same card as original purchase.
  • In mint condition.
  • Before deadline.


If course dropped
Fall courses September 15 October 31
Spring courses January 15 February 28
Intersession & Summer courses Three (3) days from
start of class
Seven (7) days from
drop date

Sorry, but we cannot accept returns for the following items:

  • Textbooks for one week courses
  • Coursepacks (unless course dropped)
  • Digital materials and eBooks(due to licensing restrictions)
  • Shrink-wrapped packages that include digital materials (if opened)

Questions & Answers

Q: Why so strict? Can't you cut me some slack?
A: We'd like to, but textbook publishers are equally strict when we return books to them. In the end, it's pretty simple: if the publisher won't accept it back from us, we can't accept it back from you.

Q: What do you mean by 'mint condition'?
A: Mint means no highlighting or writing of any kind, no scratched covers, bent corners or cracked spines. The bottom line is that no matter how damage occurs, it's still damage.

Other Books & Merchandise

Most non-textbook items can be returned for a full refund within 14 days of purchase, if accompanied by original receipt and in 'as-new' condition.

The following items cannot be returned:

General interest and reference books

  • Books that include digital content, if opened.
  • Special order books.

Other merchandise

  • Magazines, plastic-wrapped merchandise (if opened) and swimwear.


  • Up to one month from purchase date, the UVic Bookstore will replace defective calculators, if accompanied by original receipt.
  • After one month, calculators must be sent to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.

Technology Products*

Most items may be returned for a full refund within 14 days of purchase, provided they are unopened and accompanied by original receipt.

Opened items

If a product has been opened, it may be eligible to be returned within 14 days. The product must be in mint, re-sellable condition along with all the original packaging and accessories. A restocking fee of 15% will apply.'
Opened software cannot be returned due to copyright laws, unless the manufacturer offers a satisfaction warranty. See in store for details.

Defective items

If a product is defective, it can be replaced or repaired (depending on manufacturer) if returned within 14 days. After this, the manufacturer's warranty applies. See in store for details.

* We reserve the right to deny any return at our discretion.

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