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UVic Academic Calendar 2013/2014

2013/2014 Calendar is not yet available online but we have a limited supply in paper format.

The University of Victoria is only producing the "paper" version of the Academic Calendar in limited quantities. The Academic Calendar comes in two volumes, UNDERGRADUATE and GRADUATE STUDIES. We have a few of the UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES 2013/2014 volume and a limited supply of the GRADUATE available in paper and they may be purchased for $4.00 each at the Bookstore. If you wish to have a current Academic Calendar mailed to you, the charge is $8.00 in Canada, $10.00 (Cdn. funds) to the USA and $14.00 (Cdn. funds) for overseas. Please send a cheque (Cdn. Bank only) or money order (Cdn. funds) made payable to the UVic Bookstore to the following address:

University of Victoria Calendar(s) 2011 - 2012UVic Bookstore
PO Box 2200 STN CSC
Victoria BC V8W 3H6

Please make sure that your name and address are clearly marked on your cheque or money order.