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The Girls' Diary Project
Shannon McFerran and Daniel G. Scott
$20.25 | Paperback | 9781550584875

The Girls' Diary Project project explored original diary material revealing many insights into the development of self-awareness and self-presentation in girls´ adolescence. Now, The Girls Diary Project: Writing Ourselves Into Being opens the locked books on the inner lives of girls, to begin to understand and honour the intense and complex passage into adulthood, as it is expressed by girls themselves.

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Community-University Research Partnerships: Reflections on the Canadian Social Economy Experience
Peter V. Hall and Ian MacPherson
$29.50 | Paperback | 9781550584493

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Assembling Understandings: Findings from the Canadian Social Economy Research Partnerships, 2005-2011
Matthew Thompson and Joy Emmanuel
$19.00 | Paperback | 9781550584578

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Canadian Public Policy and the Social Economy
Rupert Downing
$48.00 | Paperback | 9781550584530

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Scandinavian - Canadian Studies
John Tucker
$19.00 | Paperback | 9780000103116

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