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The Espresso Book Machine

The Espresso Book Machine (EBM) can print, bind and trim a library quality paperback book on demand in minutes, one copy at a time. Search the millions of titles available to print, or publish your own.

Browse our catalogue of over 4 million titles to print....

Or find out more about printing your own books...

What is Print-on-Demand?

Print-On-Demand is designed to print the books you want when you want them. Out-of-print? No problem. Our online database has over 4 million titles to choose from, including rare and out-of-print books that don't deserve to be forgotten. Print-on-demand is the environmentally friendly way to get the books you want without wasting resources on overprinting, shipping and warehousing.

One copy at a time.

Just finished your thesis and Grandma wants a copy? Your writing class rocked and you've produced an anthology? (Or it didn't and instead you've compiled a fundraising cookbook to help pay your tuition?) Maybe you've written the Great Canadian Novel. Congratulations.

Print 1 copy, 10 copies, or 100 copies - the book price stays the same.

Be creative!

Journals, course materials, conference handbooks, memory books ' the only limit is your imagination. For more information on publishing options with the EBM, check out our FAQs or send your question to